These days, I keep up with most of my friends via Facebook, even the ones who live close to me; our schedules are so crazy, with carpool and homework and sports commitments, that the only way we can visit is virtually. Which is sad, because those women are some of my favorite shopping partners.

Now, with sneakpeeq, I can shop with my Facebook friends, and get a great deal at the same time — all without leaving the house (or the little league field or the karate gym, wherever it is that I’m logging on to Facebook).

This app marries Facebook and Groupon for a social shopping experience.
You’ll get deals on clothing, accessories and gourmet goodies from brands like Kate
Spade, Tulle and Big Buddha, and they get better the more people

Here’s how it works: sneakpeeq selects specific
items for sale — say, a Kate Spade tote — and shows you both the
retail price and a “peeq” tag which you have to click to reveal the
current discounted sneakpeeq price. Every time you or one of your
friends peeks (or peeqs), the price goes down.  See something you love
at a price that works for you? Buy! Not sure you want to pay that much?
Pass. After each purchase, the price for that item resets and you can
start over, so if someone else snatches up the tote, you can try again

New sales are added every day, which means there’s always
something new; and it’s all right there alongside your friend’s 400
photos about her high school reunion. You’ll just have to decide which
looks more interesting to click on. -Susan

Sign in to sneakpeeq
with your Facebook login and start shopping today — or watch the sneakpeeq
tutorial on Vimeo
for more details.

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