Sometimes it feels like we’re in the middle of a plastic doll takeover. Those little dudes are everywhere (pretty sure most of them are in my living room) I am more convinced than ever that the last thing the world needs is another plastic guy.

These handmade superheroes just might save the day. Hand-knit with the softest cotton yarn by a mom who’s been there, these little superhero dolls by Dents de Loup are totally adventure-ready. There’s nothing artificial about them, and they remind me of Teeny Little Super Guy from “Sesame Street”–a retro superdude with lots of heart and ’70s-sass.

The price…yeah, I know. You pay for beautiful and handmade. But (confession!) it wasn’t too long ago I was duped into spending about the same amount on a plastic baby doll that cries. And believe me, there was nothing so super about that-Lexi