My oldest daughter, now 7, learned how to ride a bike in a matter of minutes thanks to a few months spent on a balance bike beforehand. However, when it comes to my littler kiddos, they tend to get more frustration than fun out of riding it. Or really, falling over on it. But that all changed when I discovered this unique transitional balance bike.

We welcomed the Wishbone balance bike into our home a few months ago, and my kids are still fighting over who gets to ride it. The brainchild of a pair of smart parents, the Wishbone starts for kids as young as 12 months in tricycle mode, and then can be converted to a true balance bike as they get older, with adaptations to suit bigger kids as well.

So really, it’s like getting three bikes in one, all of which can be put together in a matter of minutes. No engineering degree or professional tool box required, promise.

Available in both classic and gorgeous limited editions, the bikes are artfully made with preservative-free birch and packed with eco-friendly materials. And the design geek in me appreciates how thoughtful the company is about everything from the packing of the tools and supplies (in a reusable bag, no plastic) to the colorful box itself, which is designed to be play with. Shouldn’t all boxes be?

Whether you’re looking for the perfect first or second birthday gift or putting away ideas for the holidays, I’m convinced that the Wishbone bike will make any kid squeal as much as it did mine.

You can purchase the Wishbone Bike at their website