Cold Weather Pouch stroller blanket by Rain or Shine Kids
It’s that time of year again when we know the cold weather is near. Or for those of us in the northeast who already got dumped on this weekend–it’s already here. Sigh.

Every winter, I spend no less than 30 minutes getting my son bundled and out the door. Now that I have a second baby to tend to, I’m really happy to have found a great stroller/carrier/car seat blanket that’s a cinch to attach.

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The new Cold Weather Pouch
from Rain or Shine Kids
is a multipurpose, powerhouse of a blanket for newborns through
2-year-olds. What I love most about this toasty pouch is that it’s super
easy to attach and detach, so you don’t have to commit to leaving it on
one stroller like many other blankets I’ve used that have a million
holes and slots for the straps to go into.

The pouch attaches to
strollers and carriers with a pair of grosgrain ribbons and some snaps.
At this time, they have no real directions available, but honestly I
didn’t even need them. You just tie the ribbons onto the stroller frame
and use the snaps–or not–to make the fit a little snugger.

The way it
works with the carrier is just as simple. You can snap the tabs together
to make it less bulky.

Other awesome features are the kangaroo
front pocket that’s perfect for storing money and keys and for keeping
hands toasty when used over a carrier. The outer part is water-resistant
nylon and the inside is as plush as your kid’s favorite stuffed animal.
I also love the elastic hem that make this blanket double as a bunting.

Getting out the door will still no doubt be challenging, but
not futzing with the stroller blanket may win me a few extra
minutes–and a few less headaches.  -Melissa

The Cold
Weather Pouch
stroller blanket ($68) works with strollers both small and large as well as
Ergo and Bjorn-style carriers. Buy it on
Use CMP20 for 20% off at checkout!

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