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We tell our readers time and again, do nooooot make an online purchase without first searching for discount codes. Especially at the big online retailers. There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting that “purchase” button to find out you could have gotten it for less.

We were just introduced to who happens to be our newest, coolest CMP sponsor. And they just may have one of the smartest systems ever for finding and using discount codes.

Once you find the retailer you want–everyone from Saks to the Sundance catalog, even Frederick’s of Hollywood (rowr!)–you’ll see all their existing codes and the success rate that shoppers have with them. Something you’ve probably seen before. But what’s super special about Sidepon is that once you click on that code, it brings the site up right next to the codes.

Even better, click on a discount and it auto-cuts and auto-pastes it right into your cart for you. So clever! target coupons

I can’t tell you all the times that by the time I’ve finished shopping, I’ve forgotten what that code is and have to go back and look for it again.

It’s also got some nifty social shopping component that just launched;
it’s limited now, but soon you can follow top users who can find great
deals for you. Or subscribe to a particular retailer’s deals for a first shot at them via email.

In just a few clicks I found 10% off at Best Buy, a free $100 gift card to Saks if you spend $500 on shoes (easy, ha), $15 off Piperlime purchases over $60, and dozens of Sephora deals including a free Justin Bieber laptop case. Go get ’em ladies. –Liz

Register for our sponsor for great deals in the US, Canada, Australia and beyond.

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