Sew Kawaii!
If you’re a go-getter sewing type who hasn’t quite go-gotten around to making all of your Christmas presents yet, you need to check out two adorable sewing books by Choly Knight. Sew Kawaii! and Sew Your Own Pet Pillows will have you practically delirious from all the cuteness.

Seriously. I can hardly type this post because I’m overwhelmed by
the all-out adorableness of the jellyfish purse in Sew Kawaii!

I haven’t tried any of
the projects, but most look doable by a novice like me – only a few are
marked as intermediate level. So I love the approachability of both books.

Not only would the projects make great gifts, but if you know a
tween or teen who might be interested in learning to sew, the books
themselves –especially Sew Kawaii!— would be so great under the tree.

And if you’re really lucky, maybe she’ll even make you a
jellyfish purse. –Stephanie

Find Choly Knight’s Sew Kawaii! and Sew
Your Own Pet Pillows
online at our affiliate Amazon. And if you love Kawaii, check out a whole category of Kawaii ideas on our holiday gift guide!


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