Mama Said Nog You OutLast year, kindie music favorites The Jimmies came out with a five-song downloadable EP right before the holidays with the best holiday title ever: Mama Said Nog You Out.

Well, like our favorite eggy concoction, The Jimmies are back for the holidays, but this time their collection features even more songs, more silly, and even a little something for your dual Chrismukaah celebrants.

Mama Said Nog You Out is the musical equivalent of a tinsel fight and a Wear Your Goofiest Christmas Sweater party: Total fun that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

That’s not to say all the songs are frenetic. In fact, the first song, Nogturne in C Minor, is quite lovely and stately with its harmonies and slow pace; it’s the lyrics that are ridiculously tongue-in-cheek. Many of the remaining ten songs are based on songs you’ll all recognize but have lead-singer Ashley Albert’s delightfully twisted touch, like her Nothin’ For Christmas where she replaced the pancake mix with soap…and experimented with isotopes.
Mama Said Nog You Out touches upon other songs to keep it from being totally Christmas focused. One of my favorite winter songs from my younger days, Marshmallow World sounds dreamy, and The Jimmies give nods to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa as well, so even your biggest gathering should find everyone happily tapping their toes.
And when you are all ready to drop from all the card-addressing, the candy-cane-eating, the late-night-holiday-reveling, toss on Mama Said Nog You Out and The Jimmies will sprinkle you with their infectious holiday spirit and keep you moving until at least the 25th. –Christina
Mama Said Nog You Out is available exclusively at Barnes & Noble. Want it quickly? Order it online and pick up your copy in your closest B&N location.