If you are not familiar with HoneyBells, you are not familiar with the sweetest, most delectable, lipsmackingly awesome nectar of the gods. Or as my kids call it, good orange juice. (Silly kids.)

Each year, my dad has sent us a shipment of these amazingly sweet HoneyBell Tangelos that put standard navels to shame and we’ve come to look forward to it every year. They’re not actually oranges–they’re a rare hybrid of a Dancy Tangerine and a Duncan Grapefruit, and the result is unreal.

While several companies ship HoneyBells, we’ve never been disappointed
with the ones from Albritton Fruit. Order now,
and they’ll send out a gift card letting your recipient know they’ll
receive their orders sometime in January. That’s because the growing
time is limited, so they’re not even available until then–and even
then, it’s a very short window. Making it the perfect gift for you
procrastinators. Provided they still have stock left.

A 5lb case
starts around $30 but I suggest going bigger. While each one yields a
lot of juice, it is about two HoneyBells to make a decent cup. And trust
me, you’ll fly through them when your kids beg you for fresh-squeezed
juice every morning.

A little sweet sunshine in January? Who
couldn’t use that.  –Liz

Order HoneyBell Tangelos and other citrus gifts now from Albritton Fruit for delivery in January during a week you specify. You won’t regret it, trust me.

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