Paper Culture personalized thank you cardsOkay so maybe I’m jumping the gun a little with the Christmas thank you notes, but hey–I know myself. Next week I’ll be carousing with family, New Year’s will hit, I’m back to work, and bam, no more free time. That’s when all the thank yous for all the generous holiday gifts for my family seem less likely to make it out of my hands.

So I was poking around one of my favorite sites for custom photo cards, Paper Culture, and I had a great idea:

It could be really sweet to make my thank you notes more personal than
the standard “thanks” folded card using a photo.

Upload your favorite snap from this holiday–maybe the kids’
reaction to a big gift, your own tree, a beautiful shot of your menorah,
or the mounds of wrapping paper everywhere–and add a note of thanks.
It’s not only a thoughtful way to acknowledge everyone who sent gifts; but it
keeps long distance relatives who may not have shared the big day with
you, connected to the family and feeling like a part of the celebration.

There are lots of sites that let you do this (lord knows we’ve featured them all!) but I happen to like the simple photo
thank you cards
(shown up top) from Paper Culture.They are really easy to customize with
your own photo and text, then come printed on heavy duty, 100% recycled paper. For the card seen here, I used the template and just added a favorite
pic of my daughter’s first Christmas (admit it–pretty cute. If drooly.)
which took all of about 5 minutes.

If I had spent the time retouching a bit, it would have been 7 minutes.

It’s also a great way to reach out to family if you never got around to
sending out holiday cards at all this year. No comment. –Liz

Find photo

thank you cards and more online at Paper Culture. Depending how many you order they’re about $1.99-2.59 each. Which I’d imagine is less than each of your relatives spent on your kids.