Bootights - tights made just for boots
I pretty much live in boots all winter long. Which means my drawers are also home to a healthy stock of stocking and leggings. The problems with stockings and boots though, is that I often still need to wear socks over them to keep my toes warm, and keep the stocking from catching on any boot innards that might be less than gentle. And then, depending on the boot, that may mean it starts feeling a little snug for comfort.

Enter a brilliant new product called Bootights. You can see where this is going, right?

are like a stocking on top with a modal knit sock at the bottom. Kind
of like the mystical fantasy beast of the hosiery world. If only they
had the wings of a Griffin.

You can find them with socks that go up to the ankle or mid-calf,
depending how high your boots are. And while I haven’t tried them
myself, the buzz on the street is pretty darn good. And I love that
they’re all US made. Right now you can find them on sale at Joyus,
the curated limited time sale site, through the end of January.

Or actually, some of them seem to be on sale (like the opaque tights 2
packs, which are $42 at Joyus instead of $30 each); but oddly, choices
like the argyle
have a “Joyus price” that’s the same as the retail price at
the Bootights
site. Just something to be aware of.

Either way, I want them. I want the argyle ones, I want the opaque ones,
I want the mini fishnets.

I told you I wear a lot of stockings with boots. –Liz

Find select styles of Bootights on sale through 1/31/12 at Joyus
or find them directly at Bootights.

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