guavamitts baby mittens
When my first daughter was born, I had absolutely no idea that babies scratched themselves (oops!), so I found myself putting socks on her hands to protect her face.

Brilliant for about two minutes until they’d fall right off. Too bad they didn’t have these adorable baby mittens back then.

I’m grabbing a pair of guavamitts
for all my pregnant friends because they’re the handiest little
invention I’ve seen in a long time. The cool, modern prints (on both
sides!) combined with the bamboo and organic cotton fabric make them
super soft and comfy for newborns, plus the velcro around the wrists
ensures that she won’t bat them off.

And they’re about a thousand times
cuter than a pair of mismatched socks on your baby’s hands– not to
mention the face scratches. -Kristen

You can purchase guavamitts baby mittens at

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