Live Clean Baby Non-Petroleum JellyIs petroleum jelly safe? Well, let’s say since having children, we’ve switched to kinder, gentler beauty products. No sulfates, no parabens, no horrible-things-that-might-cause-cancer-or-dye-the-children-pink.

The one product I couldn’t let go of was petroleum jelly.

But I’ve finally found a way to kick the habit, thanks to Live Clean Baby.

I grew up with petroleum jelly. On my nose during the winter, on my lips at night, on my burns and scrapes. My mom always had a big tub in the bathroom for any job that couldn’t be accomplished by lotion and Chapstick. And then one day we learned we were slathering ourselves with crude oil. Bummer.

But forget all that. Live Clean Baby now offers a non-petroleum jelly made from 100% natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. There are only three ingredients, actually: castor oil, cera alba, and tocopherol. No mineral oil. No fragrance. No dinosaur bones. No yucky ickies.
And it works! I keep it on my bedside table for dried-out winter lips. When the heater runs all night, we slather it on. If it ever snows, we’ll put it on our noses. I even used it for my son’s last few nights in diapers, and it worked just as well as the petroleum jelly I grew up with.
If you’re making an order at Live Clean Baby, you need to know that I’ve loved everything from them that I’ve tried. Their Baby Bath smells lovely and makes huge mounds of bubbles. The Moisturizing Baby Lotion is calming and hypo-allergenic with a light, flowery smell, and the Shampoo and Wash was tear-free and gentle. 
But the jelly– the jelly is what stole my heart. And lips.~Delilah

Find my new favorite Non-Petroleum Jelly at Live Clean Baby or online in the US at Their entire suite of safe baby products are fabulous.