“I got water in my eyes!” my son wailed. 

But he wasn’t crying. Actually, he looked like he was trying to cry and couldn’t.

“Doesn’t hurt, does it?” I said smugly. 

And he shook his head no. A perfect chance to pitch a fit, lost to products that actually live up to their tear-free claim.

Oh, and did I mention they’re also hypoallergenic, all natural, and organic?

I’ve got to admit– Dolphin Organics impressed the heck out of me. The number one reason? Transparency. Each bottle is dominated by a large, clear label showing every single ingredient and its source, whether organic, natural, or artificial. And none of them are artificial.

The products themselves are transparent, too, without any dyes or perfumes. Although I like a little smell in my kids’ products, Dolphin Organics have the least offensive smell of any unscented products I’ve tried, which is saying a lot. 

Oh, and it’s made in fresh batches in the USA of certified ingredients, so you know that what’s inside the post-consumer recycled bottle matches what’s on the outside.

The Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is a favorite, great for hair and body without being too drying. It also bubbles up just a little bit more than the Baby Bubble Bath, so I usually combine the two under running water for extra bubbly goodness. The lotion is mild and pleasant, without that weird plastic aroma that usually turns me off from unscented lotion. The conditioner is great for my daughter’s long, curly-ish hair. And the best part is, even when you put two extra-splashy kids in a bath full of Bubble Bath, Body Wash, and Conditioner, nobody’s skin or eyes get annoyed at all, which means I don’t get annoyed at all. And that’s a big deal. ~Delilah

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