Baby K'Tan Breeze carrier
One of the most frequent questions I’m asked by pregnant friends is what is the best baby carrier to get. Okay, so not everyone is going to want a hundred million carriers (as I have apparently needed over the years, ahem), but it’s still tricky for me to pick just one.

My favorite answer for mamas looking to carry newborns, though, is a stretchy, comfy wrap that’s easy to use, like the Baby K’Tan carrier. Especially now that they’ve got a great new carrier available.

Designed to have all the flexibility and comfort of a typical
stretchy wrap, it’s created out of two attached loops plus a sash. The
loops form an ‘x’ on the wearer into which baby can be placed in
numerous easy positions. And the sash is used in some of the positions
to hold everyone in place.

The new Baby K’Tan Breeze carrier
adds mesh to parts of the carrier to increase comfort for the wearer.
Which is a good thing. Because when you’re wearing a tiny furnace on
your body all day long, things are bound to get hot. Yes, even in the winter.

It will still take some practicing to get the carries right. And
it’s a little bit harder to gift because you have to actually size it
to the parent who will be wearing it. But in the end, it will give the
wearer and the teeny, tiny wear-ee the squishiest, smooshiest, coziest
carry there is.

Which, when you’re the mother of a newborn, is exactly
what you’re looking for. –Stephanie

Find the new Baby K’Tan Breeze carrier online from Baby K’Tan

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