Resell kids' clothes with thredUP Concierge
It is a sad moment when I put a barely worn outfit on one of my kids and realize they’ve outgrown it before they’ve even had a chance to spill something on it. But now the smart people at online clothes-swapping site thredUP have come out with a new service that’s perfect for parents who love buying their kids cute clothes, but hate when they’re outgrown.

Let’s just say it’s not so bad knowing your kids outgrow their clothes when you can get paid for them. 

{keep reading for a chance to access this service before it goes live to the rest of the public!}

thredUP Concierge is one of the easiest ways I’ve heard to resell your kids’ gently-worn clothes. Just fill one of their postage-paid bags with the goodies, send it to them, and get up to $5 per item!

This is way easier than having to drive to our local consignment shop, or listing items for sale on ebay, or Craigslist where the buyers may or may not show up. (Sigh.) For me, I would appreciate the convenience, while still getting some money back, all while knowing that whatever isn’t made available for sale on thredUP will get donated—not thrown away. Plus a cash donation will be made to Coats for Kids.

The caveats: thredUP Concierge is pretty picky. As they should be. So don’t send clothes with stains, baby clothes 12 months or younger, or anything covered in cat hair. They also won’t resell several major brands of clothing like Garanimals, Circo and Cherokee since their supply outstrips their demand. Make sure you read their standards page before you start mailing clothes–unless you’re okay with the possibility that your clothes get donated instead of purchased.

But for those of us who are ready to part with those lovely Tea Collection dresses or coloful Zutano play clothes, thredUP Concierge is a super-easy, eco-friendly way to clear space in our kids’ closets and make a little cash on the side. Cash to presumably go toward more dresses and play clothes. Christina

thredUP Concierge will officially launch next week but if you would like instant access now, use the code COOLMOMPICKS to get started.


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