Cozy Blue cross stitch pattern
My husband and I do Valentine’s Day Lite, meaning that we will not be forking out $200 for a fancy meal, or buying each other expensive jewelry or electronics as a sign of our devotion. 

But that doesn’t mean I am totally comfortable with handing him a greeting-store card and calling it a day. Which is why I love this little token of my affection that is personalized, handmade, and won’t break the bank.

Cozy Blue’s “I Love Us” cross-stitch pattern reminds me of initials carved in a tree, but this version is a lot easier to hang on your wall. Get ready to do a little work, though, because the customizing comes from you actually doing the stitching.

Each PDF includes the entire alphabet so if you are currently dating (and fickle), you can change which letter to include.

This is probably best tackled by those of you who have successfully done cross-stitch before, or you crafty geniuses who aren’t intimidated by new projects. Once it’s complete, hang it in your bedroom as a reminder of how you really feel, especially when your sigOth steals all the covers on a cold night. Christina

Find the PDF for this Valentine’s cross-stitch pattern in the Cozy Blue Etsy shop. Also, check out Cozy Blue’s tree-print pillow that we featured on site last year.

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