I always love seeing what’s new and fun at Martha Stewart Crafts around the holidays, and especially Valentine’s Day. Or as we like to think of it, That Day That All The Glitter Ended Up in The Rug. But I’ve taken the time to parse the ones that require professional letterpress machines and MFA degrees, to find the ones that even the less crafty among us could pull off with the kids.

First of all, the sweet spot hearts craft (left) is just brilliant. All you need are sheets of candy dots cut into hearts, then some construction paper backing (scallop cut if you’re fancy) to hold it together. That is so easy, even we could do it.

Valentine's Day craft ideas: paper heart bookmarks

I love the idea of that paper heart bookmark tucked inside a special book for an affordable gift for your sweetheart. There’s also a kids’ bookmark tutorial that’s as easy as you want it to be.

Valentine's Day recipe: peanut butter heart cookies

Heart cookies are really just peanut butter cookies with two thumbprints that look like a heart. Fill it with strawberry jam, and you’ve got something a little more sophisticated than those chalky heart candies, for not a lot of work.

Valentine's Day crafts: DIY Valentine's cards

These folding envelope hearts are as simple as cutting and folding some pretty wrapping paper, then sealing with a sticker.

Valentine's Day crafts: heart glitter

If you’re just into letting the kids go crazy with the glue stick and some glitter, be sure to check out the 3 pack of heart glitter. It’s guaranteed to send my girls into a wild pink sparkle frenzy. Which is, I believe, how it’s supposed to be when glitter is second in your life only to cookies and possibly reruns of Willie Wonka. I just have to remember to put the newspaper down first. And keep it far away from the carpet. –Liz

Find Valentine’s craft ideas plus supplies like heart glitter from Martha Stewart.

Speaking of which, I’ll be on the Martha Stewart Show on 2/17 for the big baby shower episode! Make sure to set your DVRs.