Ira Glass finger puppetSo I’m a sucker for everything handmade with a nerd-chic pop culture reference built in. It’s like three of my favorite things all in one glorious, slightly weird package. And the handmade finger puppets from Abbey Christine fit the bill perfectly. 

I mean, where else can an NPR fan find an Ira Glass finger puppet? Or most of Wes Anderson’s characters from Max Fischer to Steve Zissou?

They’re all free hand cut from recycled felt, giving them that perfectly
imperfect handmade look. Keep them in mind as a great inexpensive
little gift for your coolest indie friend. I was even swooning to find Lloyd Dobler–though I will say John Cusack in the movie was a whole lot cuter. If only we could get that boom box to play Peter Gabriel. Sigh. –Liz

Find handmade pop culture finger puppets on Etsy at Abbey Christine