Tips for trapping your kids' souls! With a camera!
Technology is all about learning, growing, and now, going to camp at the Apple Store. Here are some of our favorite picks you might have missed from the last week.

1. With these ten smart tips for photographing your kids, you’re sure to get the perfect Easter pic for Grandma’s mantle.

2. Apple Camp takes on a whole new meaning when it happens at the Genius Bar and involves your kids learning iMovie.

3. Free talking and texting on our smart phone? Don’t mind if we do!

4. Are you there, Kindle? It’s me, Margaret. We’re stoked that one of our favorite authors for teens has joined us in E-book Land!

5. These five great productivity tips will help maximize your work time… and your fun time. But it’s the amazing tips from our reader comments that are really blowing us away.

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