Designer maternity dress by KeungzaiThere has always been something so breathtaking to me about seeing a pregnant woman dressed to the nines.  It’s like she is stating to the world that being a mother-to-be is the most beautiful responsibility in the world.

Keungzai, a
UK online maternity boutique, just launched a gorgeous selection of
maternity clothes this month–that are definitely not for those of us
who’d rather live in yoga pants. In fact fans already include the
gorgeous Sienna Miller. 

You’ll find designer brands such as Peaks of London, Cake Lingerie and Hot Milk. But the one piece that really caught my eye is Keungzai’s ultra soft drape front dress,
shown here. This soft drape design seems to seamlessly fall around the
belly, creating a flattering look and feel.  It is meant to grow with
your bump and it also allows you to breastfeed afterwards–which helps
justify the price. It’s 165 euros or about $215 US.

But I love the idea of one really fabulous maternity investment that I know will last me so many wears.- Kirsten

Visit Keungzai to find beautiful designer maternity clothes