Handmade Red Riding Hood costume
I am an absolute sucker for handmade dolls and dress up clothes. It really makes dramatic play a personal and organic experience for kids. So I tend to shy away from synthetic fibers and licensed characters when I can, in favor of something made with a little more love.

So no surprise, I am in love with this handmade Red Riding Hood costume from Savage Seeds, a super cool Etsy store.

pick a hoodie color (classic red being one of the choices), choose a size from 12m-5T, and a handmade
animal to go along with the fun. I’m partial to the wolf and red hood
choice, but the handmade owl certainly piques my fancy. The hardest part will be picking out the animal combination, because frankly, you may want them all.
in mind that because everything is handmade to order, the
price is more than some Chinese-made nylon thing from the big box store. But it will surely make an amazingly
thoughtful birthday gift. I know that I want one. -Eva

The Little Red Riding Hood costume and doll combo set comes with a special little extra gift, when you order from Savage Seeds

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