wedding clothes for boysAny suggestions where I can find stylish outfits online for my 3 year and 1 year old boys to wear to an outdoor summer wedding? – question via Twitter

Boys' formalwear: Appaman seersucker suit

Your sharp-dressed toddlers will look amazing in one of Appaman’s Fine Tailoring suits or separates. I love their cool modern cut that help prevent little guys from looking “swallowed up” in an oversized suit. For your young kids, I think this seersucker shorts and jacket suit is too adorable.

Boys' formalwear: little boys' tie from The Belle and the Beau

With tons of fabrics to choose from, the funky handmade boys’ neckties from The Belle and the Beau (also shown at top) are sized for babies all the way up to adults in case you want to coordinate all the boys in the family. The kids versions come in regular or bowtie, and attach with velcro in the back–way more stylish than a clip-on.

Boys' formalwear: J.Crew vest

 JCrew’s seersucker vest will dress up any shirt without the weight of a suit jacket that might annoy fidgety little boys. Keep
scrolling down the page on their site to see how they pair it with a chambray shirt,
shorts and sneakers. Adorable.

Boys' formalwear: Fore! Axel & Hudson shorts
I was married outdoors on a 101 degree day, so I know that a summer wedding may call for shorts, and lots of ice water, to prevent any meltdowns. If the wedding isn’t super dressy, I love these navy linen shorts from Fore! Axel & Hudson paired with a lightweight white or pale blue button-down.
Egg Baby suit
Cuff the legs up or leave them a bit longer in this Egg Baby suit by Susan Lazar. Love all the pockets so he can bring home small treasures from his big day.

Velvet & Tweed boys' suspender pants
Not only do I love the look of Velvet and Tweed’s linen suspender pants paired with their aqua oxford dress shirt, the suspenders will help keep the pants in place on a skinny frame.
Boys' button-down shirts from Ferd
A bit pricey, but oh-how-cool are these Ferd shirts for little boys? And in 100% cotton, they’ll breathe even on a hot summer day.

Black Kite boys' dress shirt

While you can’t really go wrong with a crisp white button-down, the colorful and unique boys’ dress shirts from Black Kite
are great for both dressy and casual occasions. There are a bunch of short sleeve
styles with more coming soon.

Born to Love Fedora
And, finally, top off their outfit with a cool fedora by Born to Love. After all, you don’t want them to be squinting in every photo, right?