Ella Sophia burp clothsTwo important things for new mamas to know: not everything useful has to look utilitarian, and there will be many, many uses for burp cloths. I can justify buying gorgeous ones–despite their intended use–considering how much time they’ll spend on my shoulders, across my lap, or clutched in Baby’s hand. With the photographic evidence to prove it.

Well here’s one more reason to justify the expense: when it supports an amazing organization.

Ella Sophia & Co.,
a new shop launched by new mama Erika Hodge, offers colorful, extremely
absorbent burp cloths made in Nepal by a Nepalese fair trade
organization. Workers are offered eight-hour work days, a fair salary,
and those other things we take for granted, like health insurance,
vacation and parental leave.

If you grab one of these for yourself or your next baby shower, you can feel good that all the profits go to an organization that helps get kids off the streets in Nepal
to attend school. In other words, more children than your own baby will benefit from these burp cloths. – Barbara

You can purchase a set of two beautiful burp cloths from
Ella Sophia & Co. for $24 (corrected), which includes free shipping.