StyleUnitedWe may be beauty and fashion fanatics to some degree, but chasing after kids and working full-time means that we have less time than we like to spend on taking care of ourselves. Why do you think we’re such fans of online shopping?

The one drawback: experimenting with new trends.

So how fun that I had a chance try out the new site StyleUnited which happens to be our newest sponsor. (Yay!) And probably my newest addiction. Let’s just say StyleUnited is not at all what I thought it would be–some hard-sell catalog of products from one manufacturer. What it is, is a seriously cool destination that gives you tips, tricks, deals, and personalized beauty and fashion recommendations from lots of sources in just a few quick clicks.

If you’re looking to amp up your own style, or just need some beauty advice without being chased around by department store counter people wielding perfume bottles and purple glitter shadow, I think you’re going to dig it.

Creating a free account
is simple, after which you’ll be prompted to create your StyleFile
using Style 360. Basically this quiz helps diagnose your needs from
skincare to haircare and even fashion. (Is fashion a need? Sure, let’s
call it a need.)

You provide very simple info about your coloring, ethnicity, skin type, and your style–the latter, by putting together an outfit from sample items (fun!), all of which was super quick to do. In fact, it took me about 10 minutes max to complete my own file, and that’s only because I was interrupted by a hungry kiddo. Once you’re finished, you’ll get a slew of recommendations.

Makeup looks at StyleUnited

Of course they do include P&G products, since that’s who’s behind this site, but I hadn’t realize their roster includes a lot of really high-end brands like Fekkai, Dolce & Gabbana, and Anna Sui cosmetics along with store brands like Olay. However you’ll also find clothes and accessories from online retailers like Topshop. (Love Topshop!)  And when you want to buy something, shop directly through e-tailers links from to

Think of it like having a personal shopper right on your computer. And hey, if you don’t agree with their recos, like the super teeny blue mini-skirt that popped up in mine, just head back and edit your questions, or skip over it. Turns out, a gorgeous little black dress that’s perfect for me was just a couple of clicks away.

Live beauty consultations at StyleUnited

Now back to that whole “new trends are scary” thing. If you’re still unsure of the StyleFile recommendations, or have 4000 questions before you buy (just us?) there are how-to videos, articles, posts from beauty and fashion bloggers, and lots of product info on the site. But what I found extra cool is that you can have a free 1:1 ebeauty consultation via webcam. In other words, you can hop on during regular business hours, or schedule a live 15-30 minute chat with a professional beauty consultant. That’s pretty amazing.

From what I’ve seen, she won’t even judge you for still using the foundation you bought in 2009. –Kristen

Create your own StyleFile using Style 360 for free from our sponsor, StyleUnited. You can also follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook for great deals, news and updates.