happy notesI’m a bit of a journal and notepad hoarder, because as a writer, I believe you can never have too many, in too many places. Still, you don’t have to be a writer to know the joys of a pretty notepad, and these ones I just found are decidedly happy-making.

The happy notes notepads
are a little spendy but I know that–as promised on the cover–they’d
make me happy every time I look at them. Beneath the gold foiled cover,
you’ll find 5 rainbow-colored, heavy paper stock notecards ready for jotting down the good stuff.

I think it would be such a cool gift for a new mom, as a way to scribble
down milestones and cute toddler sayings. But it would also make a fun
Mother’s Day gift or just a little cool something for yourself.

thing you can’t use it for: grocery lists. Unless your grocery list only
includes 6 kinds of Nutella. –Liz

Make a mama (or yourself) happy with Happy Notes from Tokketok