First Communion gift ideas: personalized bookmarkMy 8 year old niece is about to celebrate her First Communion, and I don’t have any good gift ideas. Can you help?



I don’t remember much about my First
Communion oh-so-many-years-ago, but I think my relatives gave me cards
with a few dollars inside. While you can go that route, here are some very special gifts that will have her remembering your
thoughtfulness for a long time, which may be more than we can say for a $20 bill in
a card. -Christina

Commemorate the day with Pearlie Girl’s pretty silver bookmark (above) personalized with her name and the date of her First Communion. Make it even more special by tucking it into the hardcover  of your own favorite childhood novel. ($26)

First Communion gift ideas: Just Stay Little pendant from Bel Kai Designs

Bel Kai Designs’ little girl necklaces include age-appropriate, vintage-feel images set inside the antique silver plated frame. Though there are several designs, my choice for this big day would be this Just Stay Little sentiment. ($28)

First Communion gift ideas: handmade ceramic bowl
This pretty handmade bowl from Clarey Clayworks is engraved with a First Communion message and ready to hold all those little trinkets kids have a habit of collecting. ($46)

First Communion gift ideas: Saintly Silver doll
Most eight year olds still love their plush toys, so one of Saintly Silver’s custom First Communion dolls would be such an adorable gift. Select the hair color, hairstyle and skin tone for a one-of-a-kind gift. ($18, boy dolls too)
First Communion gift ideas: Lisa Leonard stamped cross necklace

A little different than a basic cross necklace, Lisa Leonard’s pewter necklace includes the words “faith hope love” on the back. You may want to email her before you order to request a shorter chain to fit better around a child’s neck. ($42 or in sterling silver for $122)
First Communion gift ideas: Stacey Wong photo frame

Created by the team we love at Tree by Kerri Lee, Kerri’s sister Stacy Wong makes a cute wooden picture frame that features a tiny cross-bearing bird. Take a photo of your niece when she’s all dressed up and put it into the frame for a sweet momento. ($24 in green, turquoise or lilac) 
First Communion gift ideas: LEGO Rosary

Finally, if you have a LEGO lover, we think there’s something pretty cool about MomentoMoose’s unique LEGO Rosary. There are loads of colors from which to choose or just request the combo your niece would like the most. ($20)