Rock and Roll Baby Names book by Margaret Eby
Okay so who isn’t at least somewhat fascinated by celebrity baby names–especially those from the rock stars we know and love. Sometimes I wonder if they have any regrets.

(True Story: a friend of mine named her baby a name she wasn’t completely sold on and changed it five weeks later.)

 If you’re in that baby naming phase of life, we’ve got the book for you. In fact I wish that I had it  when I was pregnant.

Rock and Roll Baby Names: Over 2000 Rock Inspired Baby Names from Alison to Ziggy is as cool as it sounds. Author Margaret Eby
has categorized names found in various
genres of songs from “Punk Rockers” to “Soul Sisters” and everything in
between. In addition, she includes the root of the name as well as
related artists and songs.

Let’s just say she knows her tunes.

Let me give you an example; in the chapter titled Disco, Glam Rock, and Arena Bands you
will find “Shiloh.” In Hebrew, Shiloh means he who is to be sent. But in rock lingo, Shiloh is
friendly, and playful although perhaps a bit of a dreamer. How does
Margaret know this? Check out the related artists and songs: We have
“The Shilohs;” “Gone to Shiloh,” by Elton John and Leon Russell; and of
course, Neil Diamond’s “Shilo.” These are just a few examples. I’m
telling you, Margaret knows her stuff.
This is my new favorite baby shower gift. It might be yours too. Add some vinyl and you’re golden.Eva
Rock and Roll Baby Names is available at your favorite independent bookstore and at our affiliate, Amazon.

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