Copper and silver personalized ringAnyone who knows me will tell you: I’m not dainty. And so much of the personalized jewelry for moms that I see is polished silver, beautifully engraved curlicues, glass photos, and things that, in general, I would break on contact. 

But this custom ring has a tough, rustic edge that would totally work for me. And it looks hard to dent, too.

That’s not to say a dainty mom wouldn’t like it, too, because there’s lots to love in this Personalized Copper and Silver Ring. Just tell Etsy seller Monkeys Always Look up to 30 letters/spaces, and they’ll hammer your message into copper and firmly attach it to a sturdy band of 100% recycled sterling silver. Kids’ names, birth dates, your anniversary, latitude and longitude as seen on our Mother’s Day Gift Guide — it’s entirely up to you.

They also offer men’s rings sizes, which could be a fantastic gift for Father’s Day for the right kind of guy. Or you can get this ring in all sterling silver, or all copper for just $26. With silver prices way up, copper’s looking better all the time.

It’s too late now to order in time for Mother’s Day, but what an awesome new mom gift any time of the year.

And now that I think about it, the phrase “Chronically Undainty” would look pretty good on a ring.~Delilah
Find the copper and silver ring at Monkeys Always Look on Etsy. Custom rings take 2-3 weeks to ship.