BOB Revolution SE strollerToddlerhood is a mover and shaker kind of lifestyle, which is probably why our first lower budget stroller wore out its welcome fairly quickly, and our replacement umbrella stroller is handy–but not souped-up enough for a long day bopping around. It seemed the timing was right to find a ride to fit our new lifestyle and we have with the BOB Revolution SE, launched just last year.

Is it right for you too? Because they’ve got a sweet new accessory that might sweeten the deal.

The newest addition to the BOB Revolution line that kids will undoubtedly appreciate as much as you do, is a snack tray; something that’s awfully hard to find in a higher end stroller for some reason.

As an easily flustered parent (can anyone get a freaking stroller to collapse on the first try?) I’ll admit the BOB stroller snack tray is pretty convenient. It snaps on and off easily and helps avoid goldfish and juice spills from our little butterfingers. Pair that with the smooth and cozy ride the BOB is known for and your tot has got themselves one chill little dining car.

When snack time is over just un-snap and store the tray in the ample bottom cargo–nice touch.

The Revolution is not inexpensive but for the
luxury stroller category it’s reasonably priced at $449, with the snack tray an additional $30. Rocking the double stroller? No worries, they have got your back as well with a snack tray for two.

All in all I’d say we have found
a winner and we are very much looking forward to enjoying some long days on the move this summer our with our new friend BOB. –Stephanie M

Shop the Revolution series or find the best BOB design and accessories for your family at and find a dealer near you. Thanks to BOB for providing a stroller and new accessories for review.