Mmm... cupcakes!
Just in case you missed them, here are some of our top tech picks from Cool Mom Tech over the last week.

1. Move over, gourmet cupcakeries. This beautifully designed cupcake app makes delicious DIY a piece of cake. With sprinkles.

2. This free app is so helpful for shoppers, that
we liken it to the secret menu at In ‘n Out. Why did it take so long?

3. A pretty (and water-resistant!) piece of jewelry that can help you remember when you last nursed and how long the pizza has been in the oven. Our Facebook fans went wild for them, and we’re not surprised.

4. Father’s Day tech gift alert: What’s bigger, smarter, and can power a whole party with hot jams? Um, this cool box perfect for audiophiles.

5. If you have overseas jetsetting planned this summer, you won’t want to miss this very smart service that takes the pain (and some of the shame) out of pre-travel preparation.


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