Living with three LEGO-obsessed children, it does seem like these little bricks multiply like magic. But now, it appears that those innocent-looking little minifigures have been busy doing a little uh, multiplying on their own. Oh, yes, we’ve got babies.

Citizen Brick’s new Minifig Babies are ready to add a little family time to your kids’ LEGO play. And, at only a buck apiece, you can afford to Duggar-ize your brood. Or is that Octomom?

I love that the expression on the baby’s face is exactly the same one that I make when I step on a LEGO in the middle of the night. And, just like in nature, you can’t pick whether or not you get a boy or a girl. But, like all of my kids, they come out screaming. Sorry about that.

Grab some new LEGO Minifig Babies at Citizen Brick for only $1 each.

Tags: kids' toys, LEGO

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