Handcarved Maple Key Tray At least once a day (sometimes more), my husband is searching for his keys and wallet. And don’t even get me started about the piles of change all over my house. So that’s why I think this new Etsy find might be a cool, surprising Father’s Day gift for the sometimes-scattered dad in our lives. Or maybe just for the really organized ones.

This locally salvaged Maple Key tray might just be the answer to all our woes, with a special cut-out that’s big enough for what my husband needs to keep track of — nothing more, nothing less. Handcarved with a lemon oil and bee’s wax finish, this gorgeous tray is something he can keep on his nightstand or dresser like most valets, but is actually nice enough that I’d be happy to have it out in our living or family room.

Or if I’m really honest with myself, right by the door so when it walks in the house he can just drop and go. -Kristen

You can purchase this Maple Key tray and lots of other beautiful pieces from The Design Pallet