Liz's Glam Sandal!
Four words: design your own shoes.

No, really. Choose the shape, the toe, the leather, the cloth, the bow. Everything. Just don’t blame us if you get addicted.

Shoes of Prey is possibly the most magical shopping site I’ve visited in a while– because I design the shoes. For example, how cute would this be with a little black dress?

Shoes of Prey: Hello, Violet!

And, yes, my taste is a little eccentric. But I absolutely love that luscious plum hair with the pop of kimono fabric on red rosettes. As for our Editor Liz, she designed the tan/black pumps at the very top. Which would go with pretty much every dress in my closet.

Design your own sandals at Shoes of Prey
Design your own pumps at Shoes of Prey

Design your own flats at Shoes of Prey
Design your own peeptoe wedges at Shoes of Prey

If you’re into bright colors and interesting textures, like the lizard print ballet flats we recently recommended for summer, they can do that. If you’re into more classic looks, like a pump or a bootie, they have that, too. You can choose from soft suede, patent leather, snakeskin, vegan leather….it’s amazing.

All of the shoes are priced by type, not materials, so you can add as many trims, decorations, and toe types as you want for the same base price. Prices start at $140 for flat sandals (so obviously we’re we’re not in Payless land) plus shipping, and go up as the shoe gets more complicated. This is definitely one for super picky shoe hounds, not for frugal mamas.

But hey, never again must you hold a shoe in the store, saying, “If only they had my size!” or “But I hate peep-toes!” or “What kind of an insane person would line this with zebra?”
You can control all of that stuff.
Or… you can line it with zebra. ~Delilah
Design your own fabulous custom shoes at Shoes of Prey and get an ironclad guarantee that they’ll work with you until your shoe fits and looks perfect.

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