Artistic wooden puzzles from Radish MoonPuzzles are the new family time favorite of our preschooler who is outgrowing her wooden pegged farm animals for more complex designs. I am happy to indulge her, but I refuse to throw down any more money on unimaginative cartoon character puzzles. I think puzzles can be considered more like an artform and not junky space-eaters. (In my world of apartment living, every inch counts).  

I am so glad we found the gorgeous artistic puzzles from artist Sarah Nicholas Williams of Radish Moon. Her
dreamy designs instill a feeling of childhood whimsy and backyard
imagination that I welcome with open arms.

The paintings are applied to
well constructed wooden puzzle frames that make them sturdy pieces you
hope will stay in the family for years to come. While they aren’t
inexpensive, for the right occasion and the right kid who will love them for ages, these
are a really lovely pick. You might even frame them one day; they’re certainly worthy. – Stephanie M

Take a journey through the dreamy artistic puzzles at Radish Moon. For those who really love her artwork, framed prints and dishes are available as well.