Kids' 4 Fathers Concert Tour tee: patriotic, rockin' and (shh!) educationalWith Independence Day coming up, I always feel the urge to put my boys in patriotic shirts. But, finding a shirt that is satisfies both the Americana theme and my kids’ rock star style rolled into one? Not an easy feat…until now.

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Here’s why this 4 Fathers Concert Tour Shirt
is so awesome: it’s got the fab four of presidential history presented
as four rockers. I take it Abe Lincoln can really boogie.

The back of the shirt even looks like your traditional concert shirt
with a list of tour dates and the. But look a little closer and you’ll
see, the “Oval Office” tour is a complete list of all of the presidents
and their inauguration dates. So it’s not just cool, it’s perfect for
junior history buffs. -Eva

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