sushi baby bibIn some neighborhoods, where feeding a baby a single french fry will earn you the disdain of onlooking parents everywhere (would I know of such a thing?) my anti-authority side is loving a line of vaguely irreverent baby and kids clothes that walks right into the realities of our fast food nation.

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How can you not smile at the poppy colors and bold full-color photos of the Eat ‘Em Up Collection from our friends at Psychobaby? From baby tees and flip-flops to to baby bibs (my favorite) I love the irony. Especially considering kids young enough to fit in them, are probably also too young to eat most of it.

cheeseburger baby and kids' tee            
            jelly bean flipflops

cupcake baby bib     
                sushi baby tee

How great would the cupcake bib be at a one-year birthday party, by the way?

And hey, it’s not all about cupcakes and jellybeans and pepperoni pizzas. There’s a sushi design too, should you want to proclaim your toddler’s rapidly advancing palate and future appetite for yellowtail-eel-avocado rolls.

Park Slope moms: Pick that one. –Liz

Find the Eat ‘Em Up Collection for babies, plus some items like flip-flops and change purses for older kids, online at Psychobaby. PLUS CMP readers save 20% off your orders through 7/30 with code YUMMY20

Congratulations to Gail P!  She won an adorable Eat ‘Em Up shirt from Psychobaby.