It seems a lot of baby toys are awfully loud these days. They light up, crinkle, beep and blast music, so sometimes its nice to just have some low-key playthings to appease our easily overstimulated little ones.

Baby soft book -fruits and vegetables

These quiet handmade soft books from Cutiful Baby and artist Vanessa Giguere are a perfect example of what I am talking about.

Vanessa, a fashion industry gal, started making fabric
toys for her daughter while on maternity leave and soon found herself
taking orders from friends and family, and we can see why. For a
household dabbling in vegetarian living, I especially adore these
handmade fruit and veggie designs.

Hand cut and stitched eggplants,
squash, snow peas and radishes are a nice change from the usual neon colored apples/bananas/grapes often delivered by baby toy makers. Plus the variety
of fabrics and stitching will stimulate baby’s senses, so it’s a win-win
with a dose of beta carotene. – Stephanie M

Check out the full spread of handmade soft books and more at Vanessa Giguere’s Cutiful Baby Etsy shop.

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