Okay so I guess it’s cool modern poster day today at Cool Mom Picks, because aside from the adorable city posters that Kirstin raved about, I just fell in love with a series of classic movie posters, reinterpreted by a modern graphic artist and now on sale.

The Joseph Chiang movie posters are down to just $28 today on Fab.com, so snatch one up if it’s calling your name. From Reservoir Dogs and I Shot Andy Warhol, to Amelie and a whole lot of Wes Anderson, it’s like an indie lover’s dream collection.

Although if you’re more of a classic fan, you’ll find North by Northwest, Casablanca, Godzilla, Star Wars, and The Graduate too.

You just might keep Jaws out of the kids’ room.

joseph chiang godzilla poster
joseph chiang star wars poster
joseph chiang graduate poster
joseph chiang i shot andy warhol poster
joseph chiang pulp fiction poster
joseph chiang resevoir dogs poster

Let’s just say Joseph is not only talented, he’s pretty fast. He’s already got a Dark Knight Rises print and one for Moonrise Kingdom his Etsy shop. What, no Les Mis remake yet?

Or did I just lose all my indie cred for asking that question. –Liz

Grab the Joseph Chiang movie posters, prints and cards online at his Etsy shop, Monster Gallery. Or find the 18×24 posters at Fab.com for a limited time at a great discount. Feel free to use our invite link if you’re not already a member.