Artoo Hoodie!
If your kid has a thing for Star Wars clothes, you’ll be glad to know that America’s favorite droid is now available in hoodie form.

When asked for his response, R2D2 said, “BOOOP BEE ZOOP” and wiggled a little as if dancing to the celebration music of Ewoks.

The Wookiee hoodie and Darth Vader shirt also available in this line were not available for questions.

The Artoo Hoodie is part of the new Junk Food line for GAP and is available in sizes 12M to 5 years. It’s 100% cotton like all of their great clothes, and machine-washable with adorable details and kangaroo pockets. 

Excuse me. Robot kangaroo pockets.
They also have a Chewbacca hoodie with a fuzzy-fur lined hood that reminds you not to mess with a Wookiee, which is fantastic advice. Those things can pull the ears off a gundark.
Wookiee Hoodie
If you’re more Empire than Rebel check out the the Darth Vader cape tee with a slimmer cotton silhouette (girls like the dark side too, ya know) and it even has a removable cape. Heavy breathing apparatus, however, is not included.
Darth Vader Cape Tee
Find the Star Wars kids clothes for GAP including the  Star Wars hoodies and the Darth Vader Cape Tee at the GAP.