Mothers 2 Mothers
As a mother, here’s a program I’m so happy to be able to tell you about: for the next few hours only, you can help prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV in a significant way by barely lifting a finger.

In fact, you will quite literally save lives.

And saving lives is at the heart of the Sub-Saharan NGO Mothers 2 Mothers whose mission is to prevent transmission of HIV from mothers to their unborn children, and to improve the health of all mothers suffering from HIV.

I’m heartened to hear that LGT Venture Philanthropy has chosen Mothers 2 Mothers as
their featured charity of the week. But with that week almost at an
end, there is only today to help Mothers 2 Mothers collect $1 for every new “LIKE” of LGT VP’s Facebook page.

While HIV-transmissions at birth are pretty rare in the U.S. (about 1 per day), I was shocked that they are still occurring in Africa at a rate of about one-thousand babies a day. And it’s totally preventable.

If you aren’t sure that $1 will really make a difference, keep in mind that it only takes $50 to provide services to one pregnant woman living with HIV for the duration of her pregnancy and six months after the baby is born. And like that old “starfish-on-the-beach” tale, there may be many more to save, but for that one who gets help, it makes all the difference. -Christina

Visit LGT Venture Philanthropy’s Facebook page and click “LIKE” today to donate $1 to Mothers 2 Mothers. Learn more about Mothers 2 Mothers’ mission here. And thank you for making a difference.

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