basq resilient body oil
My daughter turns six next week, and that means I’m feeling extra nostalgic–even about my stretch marks. Back then, I didn’t know the importance of keeping growing belly skin supple, and now I’m suffering for it. 

If only I could send a care package back to my August 2006 self, here are the two products I would send…along with a lot of cookies.

The first product on the list is actually three products–or, to be more specific, one lovely body oil in three different scents. The Resilient Body Oil Trio Set from basq includes one bottle each of their signature body oil in calming Pear Lavender, invigorating Grapefruit Citrus, and uplifting Eucalyptus spa. The oil mixture is targeted for full-body toning and stretch mark care, with oodles of essential fatty acids, deeply moisturizing oils and butters, naturally occurring vitamins, and natural antimicrobial properties.

And that’s all fancy talk for dang, y’all, this stuff sinks in and makes me glow! Granted, I’m not currently pregnant, but I love having the same fantastic oil in three different and not overwhelming fragrances. I use it on my arms, legs, and decolletage, and even drizzle it in the bath so I can soften up while reading.

If you like the idea of a natural moisturizer but don’t dig fragrance or oil, the other product on my list is the Fragrance-Free Illipe Body Butter, also from basq. This tub of super rich, super luxe, super thick body butter is virtually scent-free and extra soothing. When I accidentally use an old razor, I slather this stuff on to magically reduce the pain and inflammation of razor burn. I can’t imagine how nice it would feel on a round, itchy belly.
All four basq products are natural and safe for all stages of pregnancy and motherhood. The ingredients are listed clearly on the basq site, and I’ve rigorously tested them (as did my three-year-old son, who ate a big glop of body butter. His mouth, it should be noted, has no stretch marks). -Delilah

Find the Resilient Body Oil Trio and Fragrance-Free Illipe Body Butter at the basq site, as well as plenty of other products for moms and moms-to-be.

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