I’m not a huge cook but I do dabble in cookie-making. Even I know my way around a hand-mixer, and can manage cookie cutters without any major culinary trauma. However if I had mad fondant skills? I would totally be making these vintage toy cookies and handing them out at every single baby shower for the rest of my life.

The Vintage Toy Cookies spotted at The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle are absolutely mindblowingly amazing. You will recognize all those Fisher-Price toys from your own childhood, like the xylophone, the ring stacking toy, the vintage phone, and that corn popper push toy that I know we have featured in a few withered, yellow photos albums somewhere.


Vintage toy xylophone cookie | Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle

I’m only bummed there’s no changeable disk camera, although I assume with a rectangular cookie cutter it wouldn’t be all that hard to replicate. How great would these be at a colorful baby shower, or at a first or second birthday party with a toy theme?

As for difficulty level, I’d say the ring stacker and maybe the Little People are doable for someone like me. But that xylophone? Whoa. I hope
she starts selling that in an Etsy shop soon.

[h/t the party wagon]

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