Powerbag!We’ve got tech in the bag–get it?–with a few of our favorite picks from the last week, just in case you missed them. And of course, we’re serving up the big iPhone 5 news!

1. These stylish bags are utterly amazing. Wait till you read how they’re going to make your life easier and keep you from missing magic moments. It doesn’t hurt that they’re gorgeous, either.

2. What does Pam from The Office–er, Jenna Fischer–use to calm her one-year-old on the plane? Click here to find out! Hint: it’s not her Dundie award.

3. We’ve got the scoop on the iPhone 5, plus a few tidbits about a couple of other big redesigned gadgets from Apple that are pretty cool too.

4. Free classic kids’ books? Yes! Follow the yellow brick road–or these easy steps–to legally download the print and audio versions of your favorite tales for mobile devices and e-readers.

5. What’s cute, square, and gives you a spectacularly easy way to enjoy your Instagram photos? This awesome gadget!