Think you can do better than “diva,” “boob man,” or the ever popular “my dad can beat up your dad?” Of course you can. And Threadless and Gap think so too. Which is why in their continued partnership, they’ve just introduced a contest for your kid–or maybe even you–to create the most awesome kids’ t-shirt design.

gap kids threadless t-shirt design contest

The Gap Kids/Threadless T-shirt Design Challenge
is pretty simple: think of  a wonderful, glorious, joyful design for a
baby or child’s t-shirt and the winner will not only be sold at Threadless and Gap,
you’ll win $5,000. I love the idea of them picking a design that a kid created, but anyone is welcome to enter.

I’m convinced that 99% of all people in the world have had at least
one idea for a t-shirt in their lives. If you’re among them, this would be a
great time to get it out. –Liz

See all the details for the Gap Kids/Threadless T-shirt Design Challenge online at You’ve got until Oct 17, 2012.


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