We’ve seen gumball machines. We’ve seen the ones that give out terrible lead-paint drenched toys, tattoos and decoder rings. But finally there’s one that tops them all: A cupcake machine for your next party. Whoa.

baked by melissa cupcake pod machine

CMP and all-around New York City favorite Baked By Melissa, makers of
those irresistible bite-sized cupcakes, took Fashion Week as an
opportunity to roll out a 6.5-foot tall cupcake pod machine. Drop in a
token, and one of 2,000 delicious, fresh cupcake will roll out, sealed
in a little plastic pod. You never know which of the inventive flavors
you’ll get, which is a genius way to keep from spending way too much
time deciding between peanut butter cup and red velvet. (Raising hand;
guilty as charged.)

baked by melissa cupcakes

Unlike the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, this one is actually available for rent for your next party. Because hello? Want.

Rental starts at a mere $4200 including 1,000 assorted fresh cupcakes that fill half the machine, along with tokens, a recycling bin for the pods, employees on hand to help you out, plus an iPad an stand which presumably features info about the various flavors so you can keep an eye out for those coveted Chocolate Chip Pancake cupcakes.

No, it’s not cheap; welcome to New York City party planning. But the truth is, I’d far prefer it to pony rides. My kids might even agree. –Liz

Even without the cupcake pod machine, these cupcakes are irresistible. With a $20 minimum orders, Baked By Melissa cupcakes can be shipped nationwide, or delivered around Manhattan for a $10 fee. Check the website for more info and prepare to drool. OR you can email info@bakedbymelissa.com for all the details on rentals.