For any mom with more than one child, finding the right double stroller is pretty much the search for the holy grail. The perfect buggy built for two should be easy to maneuver, fit through doorways, and allow you to convert it into a single stroller without breaking your back. The new Helix from Orbit does all that, with many more out-of-this-world features.

Double Helix double stroller | Orbit

There are many innovative new strollers out there, but not since the launch of the Bugaboo Donkey has there been so much buzz surrounding a double buggy.

The Double Helix from Orbit
not only looks completely different, it offers features that every mom
dreams of. The new Double Helix works with all Orbit Baby seats (infant
and toddler car, bassinet and stroller) and if you already own the Orbit
Baby single stroller, all you need to do is purchase the upgrade kit.

Here are the standouts that make the Double Helix more than just another double stroller:

– The seats can be configured in several different ways. You can have
the kids facing each other or facing away from each other should they be
getting bratty (just kidding! okay, maybe not!).

– There’s a ShadePad that holds your tablet: meaning you can surf the
web while the little tyke is asleep, or you can maneuver it so you can
distract your kiddo with Elmo videos when you’re in line at the grocery

– It’s got a very narrow frame, allowing you to get in and out of
doors without bumping into the doorway and thereby looking like a
hapless klutz. I know, I’ve been there.

Double Helix stroller | Orbit

Orbit’s touching You Tube video
on the Double Helix, shown from the perspective of an older sister, is
worth a watch (just make sure you have a box of tissues nearby). The
stroller itself, however, is nothing to cry about–unless they’re tears
of joy. Melissa

Double Helix from Orbit is available for pre-order starting today, with
products shipping the beginning of October. Pre-order yours today on