3D Bookmarks: Wicked Witch!Book lovers, we’ve come across some major cuteness for you. We think you and your Munchkins are going to go (winged) ape for these adorable 3D bookmarks.

And if you’re not into The Wizard of Oz, they come in several other shapes, including pirates, zombies, and Louboutins…oh my!

From the Wicked Witch’s stripey socks to Dorothy’s demurely folded socks and famous ruby slippers, MyBOOKmark on Etsy offers dozens of unique and clever three-dimensional bookmarks for bibliophiles with a sense of humor. Each pair of legs pokes two inches or so out of your book. They’re hand-crafted of polymer clay, painted, varnished, and attached to an extra-thick cardboard bookmark.

Pirate Legs 3D bookmark | MyBOOKmark

Who can resist? For seafarin’ types, they’ve got some pirate legs. Perfect for reading any whale of a tale.

Paw bookmarks | MyBOOKmark

Or adorable paws for your favorite critter lover. These could be bear…or Ewok?

Zombies! | MyBOOKmark

And My Bookmarks also serves up your choice of boy or girl zombies–perfect for spooky Halloween reads.

MyBookmarks also offers high-end heels from Louboutin and Alexander McQueen, fab flip flops, adorable rain boots, C3P0 robot legs, and just about anything that perambulates. If you prefer your books in e-ink, they have cellphone accessories, too, including some creepily realistic-looking ears. Whew. Aren’t you glad I did all the legwork? Heh. –Delilah

Find oodles of silly bookmarks at MyBookmarks on Etsy.