International Day of the Girl picks: Self-Rescuing Strong Girls print
October 11 is an exciting day at Cool Mom Picks, because what’s more amazing than girls? Initiated by the United Nations, today is the very first International Day of the Girl Child, a day highlighting the challenges and injustices that girls all over the globe continue to battle.

So today, along with sharing our favorite girl-related charities, we celebrate the amazing young women of the world by sharing our
favorite “strong girl” picks. 

Artist Amanda Visell’s gorgeous strong girls prints (above) remind us: sometimes the knight in shining armor a girl needs most is herself. 
Day of the Girl picks: Erudite SATee smart girls' onesie
Want your smart little girl to wear a tee that says “Princess”…or “Indefatigable“? I think you know which way we roll for our small erudite women.

Day of the Girl picks: Paper Bag Princess book

The Paper Bag Princess features one of the smartest, pluckiest, most independent royals we know. (She’d make a great keynote speaker at the UN for International Day of the Girl, in our humble opinion.)

Day of the Girl picks: My Name Is Not Isabella

Our heroine, Isabella, imagines herself as all the strong women of history. An awesome tribute to the amazing Sally Ride and many other amazing female role models.

Day of the Girl picks: Secret message bracelet

And we’re loving this snazzy “secret message cuff” for tweens and teens. Remind your favorite young woman that she’s braver, smarter and stronger than she realizes (or customize it with a special message) and let her know just how proud of her you are. –Shari

Along with our favorite strong girl picks, be sure to check out a few of girl-focused charities and causes in honor of International Day of the Girl Child.

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