Asthma Peeps

I developed asthma as an adult. So I can only imagine how scary it is for a young child to have to deal with the coughing, wheezing, and breathlessness that comes with the disease. Not to mention the fear of being “different” from all your friends when you’re reaching for an inhaler in class or before soccer practice. 

The good news? Kids can breathe easier now, thanks to one Australian company that’s taking a creative, colorful approach to helping kids with asthma to stay medicated–and healthy.

Asthma Peeps’ unique line of asthma-management products were developed by one family who wanted to help their daughter deal with her disease in a way that a young child could understand and embrace.

The colorful cartoony stickers for asthma spacers and inhalers add some personality to an otherwise boring, functional medical device. Bonus: They’d help ensure the inhaler gets returned, should it get accidentally left in the school bathroom after lunch! I especially like the boys’ sticker pack (which would be cute for girls too), which includes a dinosaur, superhero, and grinning pirate. The girls’ pack is a bit more eccentric, with a humanized fish and a ladybug–although I appreciate that the colors go beyond shades of pink. 

The Trouble With Bear Hugs book about asthma
I also really like what I’ve seen of their book, The Trouble with Bear Hugs, which helps to explain how asthma feels to a child, without being too alarming or clinical. Written for grade schoolers and younger, this would also be a great book to share with siblings and close friends to help demystify the disease. For older caregivers–like teachers, friends’ parents, and grandparents—Asthma Peeps also publishes Emergency Wallet Cards that come in sets of six to hand out as needed.
Let’s face it: asthma is just no fun. But I love the novel approach Asthma Peeps is using, with products that make this chronic condition a little less scary. –Christina
Asthma Peeps’ stickers, book and emergency wallet cards are available at their website. Products ship from Australia.