Huggalos give hugs!
No matter how hard we try, there will be times when our kids will be scared or sad and we won’t be right there with hugs. From overnight trips to hospital stays, we found a great, snuggly friend to help keep a kid’s heart warm when they need it most.

And as a bonus, 20% of proceeds will go toward breast cancer research during the month of October!

The Huggalos were invented by mom Donna Broder to help her son transition to preschool, but the idea has blossomed into a wonderful way to help kids with family members overseas, in the hospital, or in other situations where some extra hugs would be welcome.

Each Huggalo doll is made of soft polyester fleece and has been safety tested for all ages–even babies. A special pocket holds a photo of loved ones for extra warm fuzzies, which is great for times when a certain family member can’t be there in person. There are girly Huggalos, superhero Huggalos, armed services Huggalos, and even a special, autographable Huggalo that’s been proven highly resistant to carrying germs and is used in the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.
Huggalos are doing great work and helping a variety of charities to bring comfort to kids who need it most, including the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and the Soldiers Project. Inspired by the story of one Huggalo doll’s role in helping a little girl named Ruby stay strong while her mother underwent treatment for breast cancer, Huggalos will donate 20% of all proceeds from purchases of Huggabelle the pink ballerina to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation during the month of October.
What a great gift for kids about to face scary stuff. If you can’t give the hug yourself, it’s good to know that your smiling face can still be there, along with cozy arms. –Delilah
Find Huggalos at the Huggalo website

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